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Personalised Gift Certificate 

Personalised UOH Diploma 


Suffering with shoddy dishwasher stacking?

Sick of shouldering the laundry burden all on your own?

Had enough of bending over to pick up pants from your bathroom floor?




Then STOP!

Enough is enough.

Get the pain in your backside signed up to one of our excellent online training courses! The perfect gift idea for every occasion!

When will they learn? #youdecide

What is it?
All our courses include the following:
1) Access to the online training course for the student.  24/7, 365 days a year!
2) A University of Housework diploma for every pass grade. 
3) Guaranteed results!

We also email you a delightful gift certificate to give to the 'student' to explain your gift!


"My Mum was always wrecking my £90 t-shirts, shrinking them or turning them a different colour. Her reaction when she opened the gift certificate was absolutely priceless!"

"I bought my Boyfriend the 'Washing Basket Target Practice' course because I was sick of picking up after him. I did it purely as a wind-up but it genuinely changed his behaviour. Might get 'Proposal Procrastinator' now!!"

"Hubby loads the dishwasher like a 5 year old so I thought I'd send him back to school. Pleasantly surprised at the course content. As much as it's a tongue-in-cheek gift, he definitely learnt from it"

Jonny B, Sunderland

Alice T, Cardiff

Sally T, Brixham

Digital product: Delivery in minutes, COVID Proof and carbon neutral!

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