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Principal Samantha Cox

"Welcome to our humble university.

Born from the endless arguments pouring from households up and down the country, we are steadfast in our agenda:  

Provide ways for people to overcome their strife and remove the domestic shortcomings with innovative training material. Its a simple calling but one I feel offers huge reward.

Bloody good Christmas party, too."

The Boss

More info about our products!
Your purchase!
Step 1 - The Gift Certificate
When you make a purchase from The University of Housework, you'll be sent a gift certificate via email. 
As with zorbing, pot-painting or any other experience type gift, we send the gift certificate to the purchaser. You can then pass the gift on at the perfect time. 
The certificate introduces the 'student' to the course and how they access it. 
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Step 2 - The Course
Once the 'student' has recovered from the excitement of being given a course from The University of Housework, it is time to take the course!
All courses are available through our online portal at a time that suits the 'student'. 24/7, 365 days a year! 
The time it takes to complete the course will depend entirely on how dense the 'student' is, but on average the content & exam will take 20-25 minutes. 
Yes, you read that correctly, there is an end of course exam the 'student' must complete in order to graduate!
Step 3 - The Diploma
Finally, once the 'student' has completed the course content and successfully passed the exam they have earnt the coveted University of Housework graduation diploma! 
This is issued to every 'student' in PDF form for home printing. Alternatively, you can select upgraded printed options at checkout and we will post out a deluxe certificate upon course completion!