11 Funny Christmas gifts for 2020

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

No one needs reminding of the disaster that is 2020... why not turn Christmas around with a hilarious gift for your nearest and dearest.

Click on the images below to visit the companies websites

1. Customised dog socks - Pup socks

2. Become a lord or a lady like Lord Scott Disick

3. Funny & Sarcastic Screen Printed Kitchen Towels by Artist Kari Van Zante.

4. Handmade candle that smells like Harry Styles.... yes please!

5. Customised pet portraits - Crown and Paw

6. Hilarious t-shirt from Blue Country Designs on Etsy

7. Handmade ceramics and pottery by AMIKONO

8. Cameo - Personalised video messages from celebrities

My personal favourites are James Buckley from the Inbetweeners and Tom Felton from Harry Potter!

9. The sticker that is perfect for any friend who has loved lockdown and being a hermit

10. COVID / 2020 specific Christmas ornaments

11. Christmas Themed Face Masks

If you purchased any of these items for Christmas please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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