11 of the best COVID friendly Christmas gifts of 2020

Christmas is only 9 weeks away and with COVID-19 still lingering, this Christmas season is going to be a little different than previous years. Sending a gift to a loved one is especially important this year as everyone has been feeling disconnected from one another.

At the University of Housework, we have compiled a list of the 11 best COVID-friendly Christmas gifts of 2020.

1. Cheese of the month club - Paxton and Whitfield

Receive four carefully selected, artisan cheeses for each month of your membership. In peak condition, chosen for the season & complete with fact sheets about the cheeses. Choose from a 3, 6 or 12-month membership.

2. Handmade metal hoop decorations - Hoop Decoration

With a modern take on the regular wreathes these handmade Christmas hoops are the perfect festive decoration for any household.

3. Dishwasher operation online course - University of Housework

Having spent a lot more time at home with your partner this year it has become obvious to most people that their loveable partner lacks certain skills in the housework department. Purchase them a course from the University of Housework so they can brush up on their domestic skills.

4. House plants - Patch Plants

Nothing brings people joy like seeing your houseplant grow a new leaf. Nothing brings sadness like seeing your beloved house plant shrivel up and die. Give your friends and family some joy this Christmas and hope they don't kill it by the start of 2021.

Fiddle leaf fig tree by patch plants

5. Weighted blanket - Therapy Brand

2020 certainly has been a wild year and a lot of people's mental health has been affected. A weighted blanket can help to relieve anxiety. The pressure from a weighted blanket mimics the therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation.

Therapy brand weighted blanket with women enjoying the blanket

6. Washing basket target practice - University of Housework

For that person in your life that cannot seem to put their clothes in the washing basket. Why is that their dirty pants always seem to end up right next to the basket but never in the basket. Well, this is the course for them!

7. Sunlamp - Lumie

These super bright lights imitate the rays of the sun, helping to combat depression and dreariness brought on by a lack of vitamin D. A must-have for the grey English winter!

8. Organic Pure English Lavender Artisan Gift Pack - Little Soap Company

Treat someone special with a luxury treat hamper. The package includes Artisan Handmade Soap Bar, Artisan Liquid Hand soap, Artisan concentrated Bubble Bath and a beautiful medium Candle.

organic english lavender luxury gift set from the little soap company

9. Making a brew mini online course - University of Housework

Purchase this mini-course for anyone in your life that cannot make a good cup of tea to save their life! The University is on a crusade against household incompetence. This is a must-have course.

10. Video messages from celebrities - Cameo (Carole Baskin)

Remember when all we could talk about was Tiger King? Well, why not have Carole Baskin send your family member a personalized Christmas greeting. My personal favourite is Jay from The Inbetweeners (James Buckley)

james buckley from the inbetweeners featured on cameo

11. Meal kits - Mindful Chef

Do you have a family member who shouldn’t leave the house due to their compromised immune system? Or someone who is just sick of cooking for themselves? Why not send them a meal kit service so that the ingredients are sent directly to their door. All they have to do is follow the recipe and BAM a beautifully cooked meal.

mindful chef meal kit british produce

Leave us a comment below if this blog has been helpful for your Christmas shopping!

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