13 of the best COVID friendly Christmas gifts for under £20

1. Wood IBED Lap Desk - £13.99

Working from home is about to get a whole lot easier with this lap desk. Why work from a desk when you can work from bed.

2. Dishwasher operation online course - £19.97

Having spent a lot more time at home with your partner this year it has become obvious to most people that their loveable partner lacks certain skills in the housework department.

3. Oddsocks men's the stress heads socks gift set - £12.99

Don’t let stress get the better of you! With our stress-tested range of Oddsocks, you can channel all your pent up tension into your feet. Six socks to mix and match whichever way you please.

4. Blade The Rhino Knife Sharpener - £10.00

Sharp them your knives and your cooking skills with this rhino shaped sharpener.

5. Making a brew online course - £12.97

Bought to you by the University of Housework. Purchase this mini-course for anyone in your life that cannot make a good cup of tea to save their life! This is a must-have course for any clueless people in your life.

6. PG Tips personalised mug and tea set - £17.99

Personalise a mug for your tea-loving pal. The set even comes with 40 PG tips tea bags.

7. Stormtrooper decanter - £18.99

The design is based on the stormtrooper helmets and is crafted from super flint glass. The cork stopper ensures that the liquor remains fresh and will make an incredible gift for any star wars fan.

8. Ray gun nose trimmer - £13.99

Grooming tool meets space weapons. Pull the trigger and get rid of those hairs in a blast!

9. IllumiBowl - Toilet Night Light - £12.99

As seen on ITV with Phillip Schofield, the IllumniBowl Toilet Night Light is a smart piece of kit that clips onto your toilet to automatically light it up in a range of 9 different colours. Never miss the toilet bowl again with this handy night light.

10. Toilet training refresher online course - £12.97

If the toilet bowl night light is not enough for the men in your life then this toilet training refresher course will kickstart their aim again.

11. The beard buddy - £12.99

Are you sick of finding stray hairs all over the bathroom? With this comfy bib all of the stray hairs will be caught in the net. This will prevent relationship ending disputes.

12. Washing basket target online course - £12.97

For that person in your life that cannot seem to put their clothes in the washing basket. Why is that their dirty pants always seem to end up right next to the basket but never in the basket. Well, this is the course for them!

13. Personalised face mask - £14.99

Personalised face mask, printed with any photo you please. Printed and hand-sewn in the UK. Washable and reusable so it's good for the environment as well.

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