How much does marriage counselling cost?

We have all been there in our marriages. Wondering if marriage counselling could help our relationship? I’m sure we’ve all read the classic marriage counselling books, hoping to fix our marriages without seeking professional help.

The NHS suggests that marriage counselling could cost as much as £70 per hour! Let’s say you decide to go to counselling every week for one hour for 6 months. That is a grand total of £1,680!

Instead of paying a huge sum of money for counselling why not purchase your partner an online course. It will teach them the basic housework skills so that it relieves you of your daily stresses.

Some of my favourites are below:

1. The Washing Basket Target Practice mini-course. For £12.97 your partner will learn the skills of actually putting their dirty clothes in the washing basket. The course shouldn’t take longer than 10 - 15 mins to complete however if they have a lot to learn this course may take a bit longer. Click the image below to view the online course.

2. Dishwasher Operation full course. For £19.97 your partner will learn the fundamental skills of loading and unloading a dishwasher. These key life skills seemed to have not stuck with many partners and it’s hard to believe that they have functioned this long without them. Click the image below to view the online course.

3. My personal favourite is Making a Brew mini-course. For only £12.97 your partner can learn how to make the perfect cup of tea. After they have put all of their dirty clothes in the washing basket and perfectly stacked the dishwasher then it will be time to make you a brew! Click the image below to visit the online course.

Once you have achieved domestic bliss for a fraction of the price of traditional couples counselling please refer your friends to the University of Housework and solve their marriages too!

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