How to get your boyfriend to propose in 4 easy steps

Partners have been pondering this question for thousands of years... how do I get my boyfriend to propose to me?

You've been going steady for a while now and you're wondering what is next? Do we buy a house? Move to Antarctica? Purchase more house plants? The questions are endless...

If you are wondering when you will be getting your dream rock on your finger then this is the definitive guide for you!

In 4 easy steps, you will be able to get your boyfriend to propose to you, and then the next step... wedding planning!

Step 1 - Talk with your boyfriend about your future goals (more importantly how many dogs you want to adopt)

Step 2 - Tag him in engagement rings that you like on Instagram.

I have included a few accounts to get the inspiration flowing below:

Step 3 - Invite your Dad over for dinner and then sneak away so they can 'talk'.

The key here is to leave them alone for a decent period of time (we'd recommend 20 mins at minimum). Just in case your boyfriend is feeling nervous this allows him to sum up the courage to ask the big question.

Step 4 - Purchase your boyfriend the Proposal Procrastinator online course from the University of Housework.

Proposal procrastinator course from the university of house work

We designed this course specifically to whip any boyfriends into shape and give them the step by step instructions to get down on one knee.

If all goes to plan you will now be happily engaged to the person of your dreams! Leave a comment below or send us a DM on Instagram and share your happy news with us.

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