Two new courses from the University of Housework

We have exciting news at the University of Housework today! We have just opened two new courses for enrollment. After speaking to our focus group we saw that there was a serious need for both of these courses to be created.

1. Ye Old Washing Up

This course was created for those individuals who need a helping hand in the washing up department. We have heard that people might be claiming that they are bad at washing up just to get out of doing that chore. The incompetence stops now! We have our solution to endlessly doing the washing-up on your own. Get some assistance or even train someone to handle things in your absence. We know that you have been working hard enough this year so make yourself a cuppa and put your feet up. You deserve it!

2. Laundry Lectures

Is your partner not separating the blacks and whites? Are your jumpers being shrunk? Well, let's stop the incompetence in your household and sign your family member to our newest course. We have THE solution to those washing misdemeanours. Improve the skill level within your home, share the burden, or simply guarantee that your expensive clobber stays the same size and colour!

Leave us a comment below with your housework woes, we'd love to help you out!

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