It's not that difficult, is it? Putting washing inside the basket. IT'S RIGHT THERE!!!!

Have you started to believe there actually is some sort of invisible force-field around the washing basket in your house that makes it impossible?




Enough is enough!


Our 'Washing Basket Target Practice' online course is here to bring an end to that particular nightmare and ensure that you never have to bend over to pick up clothes from your bathroom floor ever again!


Education has been a key component of our society for hundreds of years, so why should it stop at conventional school or university? It's about time somebody started offering skills we need in the modern world and we are here to do just that! That Pythagoras fella won't impact your daily life as much as being greeted with dirty pants when you turn on the bathroom light will, so we are here to reinvent modern education!


Therefore, we've developed a number of online training courses to solve the real world problems you suffer with every day! The perfect gift idea for the pain in your backside.


All of our training courses are a humorous way to gently modify the behaviour of your chosen individual. All courses include specific information, guidance and instructions on the chosen course subject with the aim of educating our students in a light-hearted, jovial manner. You'll get a good laugh out of giving it to them, too!

They end with an online exam to test the student's knowledge and understanding of the material they have just consumed. If they pass, they get the coveted University of Housework diploma. If they fail? Students are encouraged to repeat the course until they pass! We don't like failures at the University of Housework.


The time it takes to complete the course will vary depending on the how dense student is, but we expect the content and exam to take somewhere between 15-25 minutes.


Upon purchase, we will provide the purchaser with a gift certificate to give to the recipient at a moment of their choice. They then use the information on the gift certificate to redeem the course through our website. Simple! Very similar to a zorbing or pot painting experience, only much (much) better!


If you have any questions, please contact us through the contact form on the website or through any of our social media channels. Our team will be happy to help!

Washing Basket Target Practice

  • Purchase price includes the following:

    Access to the online training material until either of these options is met:

    1. The course exam is successfully completed (passed) and the student has 'graduated'.
    2. 12 months from point of purchase.

    An electronic copy of the diploma. This will be emailed to the student shortly after graduation.

    In addition to this, optional extras are available (costs apply):

    • Printed diploma posted to the student.
    • Printed & framed diploma posted to the student.